There are so many awesome blogs out there! Blogs that have been around forever, and ones that are just starting out. There are even some, like my blog, that have started over and over again. Here are the blogs that I keep up with; check them out, and show them some love!

Beauty & Fashion:

Adenorah - by Adenorah (Posted in French)
Cafe Fashionista - by Erika Sorocco
Coco's Tea Party - by Ella Gregory
Cute and Little - by Kileen Valenzuela
Dreaming in Blush - by Elle Fowler
J's Everyday Fashion - by Jeanette Scott
K is for Kani - by Connie Cao
Karla's Closet - by Karla
Kendi Everyday - by Kendi Skeen
LA's Blog - by LA from LA
Orchid Grey - by Julie Sharp
The Sartorialist - by Scott Schuman
What I Wore - by Jessica Quirk


Delightfully Tacky - by Elizabeth
I Heart You Coffee - by Elle Fowler
Selective Potential - by Tieka
Style Within Reach - by Caitlin Moran
Sunshine In North - by Rebecka Häggblom


YouTube Beauty & Fashion vlogs that I am obsessed with!

All That Glitters 21 - by Elle Fowler
Elle's Glitter Gossip - by Elle Fowler
Juicy Star 07 - by Blair Fowler
Other Juicy Star 07 - by Blair Fowler
Sprinkle of Glitter - by Louise Glitter
Zoella - by Zoella

I will be adding other blogs, as I become obsessed.

Do you have, or know of a blog that I should be reading, but don't see it on my list? Leave me a link in the comments below, with the title of the blog and I will check it out as soon as I can. I am always up for adding new blogs to my reading list, so send them this way! I will add the ones I really love, to the Blogroll!

xo, Jessica!